Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hot Muffins In the Oven

Well, lots has been happening around the Muffin household.  It's best described in three phases:

Phase One: The Retrieval

We arrived last Thursday at the ARTS (Assisted Reproductive Therapy Something) department at our appointed time to participate in what Mr. Muffin refers to as "The Harvest."  They ushered us in, and gave us forms to fill out, and then gave me a hideous, hiney-baring hospital gown to wear.  They were also very concerned with my urinary health.  I assured them I was fine.

They gave me an IV, and then we waited.  Then the happy-medicine doctor came in, and told me about the happy medicine he was going to give me to make me go nighty-night.  Then it happened.

When I awoke, I apparently was delusional and told Mr. Muffin that I wanted to have twins so I wouldn't have to go through this again.  I also asked him four times whether he had called my mom yet.  I remember none of this, so he could be making it up to mock me.  But he swears it's true.  Best news, though.  They got 16 eggs.  SIXTEEN.  Yes, I am awesome.

After the nurses had again made sure of my urinary health, we were released.  I came home and rested.  Not too sore, a little groggy.  Had some comfort food and my mommy came and sat with me.  Not bad at all.

Phase Two: After the Retrieval, Before the Transfer

Ouch.  Just...ouch.

I had trouble walking because it was like a giant bruise in my abdomen.  Imagine if someone took a long needle and punctured your internal organs.  It's just like that.  No, really.  That's exactly WHAT IT IS.

I was pretty sore on Friday and Saturday, had trouble moving about.  But I endured.  The embryologist called us on Friday and said that out of sixteen eggs, thirteen were normal.  Them's really good odds, peeps.  But even better - they said that they typically shoot for 50% of the eggs to fertilize normally (so 6 out of 13). 

All thirteen of our eggs fertilized normally.  Yes, 100%.

I'm convinced it's because of Mr. Muffin's Swedish/Viking heritage.  They are some hearty folk.  I've drawn a picture to illustrate:

Phase Three: The Transfer

So they had us tentatively scheduled for a day three transfer, because of my age and history.  So we showed up on Sunday at 8:45 a.m.  More hideous hiney-baring gown, and more concern for my urinary health.  The lab supervisor told us that we had three grade 1 embryos to transfer.  Dr. Rod and my favorite nurse, Linda, did the transfer, which basically entails them turning me upside down and...well, it involves my hoo-ha, so I'll spare you the details.

The transfer went beautifully, so now we are in the "two week wait".  Mr. Muffin is giving me nightly progesterone shots with a giant needle, but since I ice my butt down first, it doesn't hurt too bad. 

Thanks again to everyone who has prayed for us, and continues to pray for us.  We hope to have great news soon.


  1. That is AWESOME, C! So excited and such wonderful odds. Just think, with all those fun nightgowns and all the poking and prodding, birth will be a piece of cake! :) Grins. Love ya, Lisa

  2. Great job! I LOVE the illustration.
    Prayers will definitely continue as you endure the wait.